Enhance students’ speech and language therapy with thousands of activities for speech, language, and cognition in one app.


TheraApp includes 32 apps and thousands of activities that are aimed to help students with their articulation, receptive and expressive language, auditory processing, reading, cognition and problem solving, and social skills. Each activity set offers multiple levels of difficulty and motivational games, making speech and language therapy fun and engaging.

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Articulation Apps

Our articulation apps include professionally recorded audio recordings, flash cards, memory games, bingo games, and other built-in and motivational games (e.g., carnival games). Students’ productions can be audio recorded and played back as needed.

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Language Apps

Our language and cognitive apps include professionally recorded audio, flash cards, built-in games, and motivational games. You can introduce background noise and audio record students’ responses. Our language and cognitive activities target auditory comprehension and memory, vocabulary, “wh” questions, English tenses, syntax, sentence structure, sequencing, categories, word retrieval, pragmatic language, problem solving, high-level thinking and reasoning, and reading.

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Auditory Processing Apps

Auditory Processing Disorder refers to the inability or the decreased ability to interpret sounds, words, or sentences. Individuals with this condition hear the sounds and the words, but the auditory nervous system does not process them.

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Following Directions Apps

Following verbal directions is essential for successful academic performance and it is quite a challenge for children with various communicative disorders such as Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Autism or language delay. Each app is unique and provides the students with multiple opportunities to follow verbal instructions.

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Data Collection and Reporting

All of our apps collect data during therapy sessions. Reports can be viewed in a centralized location in tabular and graphical formats.

Session Scheduling

Easy schedule therapy sessions with a calendar. Assign students and apps to sessions for easy access.

Cloud Data Backup

Never lose your data. Backup your data to secure HIPAA compliant cloud storage. We use SSL connection for all communication and all data is securely encrypted on our servers.